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10 July 2008

Aprons, aprons, aprons....

Sarah from Austraila sent me a beautiful retro inspired apron in the Sassy Apron Swap. A fantastic job with the bias binding---a technique I'm afraid to try given a first experience as a rookie sewer. Given it's been five years maybe I should try again? The top of the apron doesn't tie you just loop it over the top of the head.

While searching for a pattern for the apron I created for the Sassy Apron Swap, I found the Emmaline pattern from Sew Liberated. I selected a different pattern for the swap but kept this one in mind for myself. So, here's my Amy Butler Midwest Modern Emmaline apron---the first project created on my Designer Diamond sewing machine.

After hearing that Amy didn't receive an apron in the Sassy Apron Swap I decided that as one of the first people to comment at my blog she deserved to receive this apron! So it's off to Amy. I'll just have to give this pattern another try for excuse to buy fabric!

What I love about this pattern is that it's reversible and the ties will wrap around the front and give it a different look.

Well, it's time to go off and sew!


Blogger Amy said...

Love your aprons ... I'm part of the sassy apron swap, too .... but I didn't get my apron this go around :( And I'm part of the We the People Swap, too!

10:55 PM  

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