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30 November 2008

We The People Swap II...and III....

It's been a while since I've taken the opportunity to post another entry on my blog. While lax on creating a blog entry, I haven't been lax at sewing. One of those reasons is because I've kept up my participation in the We the People swaps.

We the People II swap was to create an item to help organize a sewing room. I selected the Kidlet from JCasa Handmade as Katy didn't seem to have a room but a fabric cupboard and a nice empty wall outside that closet. I decided on a natural linen Kidlet with a patchwork strip and lining of Heather Bailey fabrics. Here's a picture of what I sent her for the swap along with a book and some fabric (my favorite sewing notion).

We the People Swap III was a charm pack and pattern swap---and even better was based on a wish list you created. An easy swap but I decided I needed to send something handmade so I used Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy line to create a simple patchwork bag in which to send the charm pack and pattern. A green type of gift wrap if you will. I'll look forward to seeing what Heather creates with these items.

A shout out to Tracey for a great job organizing these swaps. If your unsure about swapping, give this swap a try. She takes her role seriously---she's out to ensure that you'll be happy with the swap.
Time for more sewing.....


Blogger Karen said...

HI~love your bags! I found you through Giveaway Day, and I'm glad I did...I'm doing another giveaway on my blog--stop by when you get a chance!

6:44 PM  

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