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01 February 2009

A is for Agony or Apron Three Ways

I'm participating in the Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice Sassy Flirty Apron Swap. I purchased A is for Apron months ago and decided it might be time to give the book a try. I thought the Summertime pattern looked sassy and flirty--perfect for wearing to cook a romantic Valentine's dinner. With Amy Butler Daisy Chain fabrics selected, I was off to work on my apron.

It was at step 4 that I had to wonder what I'd gotten myself into---every step thereafter required some type of adjustment (if I actually understood the instruction step). I persevered and proudly adorned the apron to show it off to my family. My husband's facial expression quickly told me there was a problem.

This is supposed to be a fitted apron. See the gap close to my elbows. My only hope of salvation is that my partner is full figured. Quick look--no same size as myself.

So here are the options:
1. Wear it as it is.
2. Take up the bulk by folding up the waist up onto itself. It certainly helps.

3. Fold the top half under, pin the necks straps on the bodice and use as a half apron.

Apron Three Ways!

So, the package will be mailed to my partner tomorrow. Maybe she's more of a seamstress than me and can fix the fit with this apron....


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