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This is oftentimes hard to do and if you're like me, you sometimes reach a point where you just need to sew. I seem to get more sewing done after 11pm then at any other time....

18 May 2009

It seemed easy enough.

With my Nest fabric in hand, I thought to create a backing for my coin quilt while practicing my pattern matching skills. How hard could it be? And given it's the back, if it is off slightly, no one would see it much to point it out.

So you start with this fabric.

And you create this fabric.

Anyone know of any good tutorials ? I definitely need one.

On second thought----what do you think of my idea to create a nest of two eggs on the seams?


Blogger M said...

That is cool.....

7:44 PM  
Blogger Mrs Moen said...

Hi! I could not find you email address, so I'm leaving a response to your comment here.

Thank you so much for the comment you left on my entry to the Festival.

I am happy (probably not the right word..) that my work touches so many other people, even if I made it as a way to deal with the whole thing myself. I have to add that I did ask my daughter’s permission to tell our story, and she was only happy I would do it. Some stories just need to be told.

Best regards
Nina Lise
AKA Mrs Moen

3:18 AM  
Anonymous Barbara Cain said...

oh fransson has a tutorial for matching fabric patterns

10:11 PM  

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